TV: Our Gay Marriage – The Musical

The stage has been set, the celebrities are popping their faces in with words of support, the registrars are on hand and Jon Snow is singing his heart out in this big gay musical. Is it a celebration? Or does it another stereotyping slap in the face for gay equality? As always, Twitter tells all. Did you think it’s great TV?


‘love it, certainly making a statement to all who didn’t support #equalmarriage’


‘All wedding vows should be a musical from now on’


‘This is actually really poignant and touching’


‘Our gay wedding is just gorgeous’


‘Awesome awesome awesome.’


I Don’t…


‘This makes Love Actually look like Schindler’s List’


‘Could of been a great idea… I just think it’s cheapened what saturday 29th was meant to stand for…’


‘Just further implanting the negative stereotype in homophobes minds. A pointless programme…’


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‘The concept was good but a tad cheesy.’


‘I’m scared the government will overturn the equal marriage act after seeing Our Gay Wedding: The Musical’


So what did you think?

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