TV REVIEW | Dante’s Cove

11th February 2012 0 By Jake Hook

“Softporn with a story line…” is what a friend had told me and he wasn’t wrong.

Within 5 minutes you have a frenzied donkey dick fitting across the floor as he’s killed by the eyes of the campest witch ever. Ok have I lost you?

For Dante’s Cove think: Buffy meets Supernatural, meets Neighbours, meets Elderado, meets Bel Ami. In Dante’s Cove where it never rains but always thunders (what is that all about) The excitement comes not from the ripping bodies and naked boy (although that does help to pass the time) it comes from the enjoyment of knowing that you are watching something that’s truly awful it’s brilliant. It comes full circle to good.

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The box set from HMV cost 30 and it contains 3 seasons of Dante’s Cove, where locations and actors change, where the sex is wild and the drugs run free and the special effects were left to the end – with perhaps only a spectrum ZX to complete. It’s a total guilty pleasure. To watch with friends or by yourself.