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  • WATCH: What If Gay Men Could Get Pregnant

    A brand new film starring Charlie David and Jacob York explores the idea of a gay man getting pregnant. Matt Riddlehoover’s Paternity Leave is a romantic comedy about Greg (Jacob York), Ken (Charlie David), and a moment of passion on the eve of their four year anniversary that changes the course of their lives forever. […]

  • Hot Gay or Bi Actors Under 40

    There’s a new breed of actors out there who aren’t afraid to be out in Hollywood and beyond…

  • Hunky Gabriel Clark Stars In I’m A Stripper Too Tonight

    Hunky Gabriel Clark Stars In I’m A Stripper Too Tonight

    Versatile Hunk Gabriel Clark stars in I’m a Stripper Too! Premiering on OutTV Canada and digital platforms internationally Sunday, Oct. 26th at 9pm ET/PT.

  • FILM REVIEW | I’m A Porn Star

    Filmmaker Charlie David‘s light-hearted rambling review of the burgeoning gay pornography industry could never be mistaken as a serious piece of investigative journalism. After speedily racing through the whole history of the business from its birth in the 1930s up to present day, the documentary focuses on four of the most successful performers today. They […]

  • INTERVIEW | Charlie David

    Canadian cutie and former star of gothic gay soap opera Dante’s Cove, Charlie David talks to Domenico Sansalone about writing homoerotic paranormal short stories, S/M leather horse masks and hanging out with male strippers.   TGUK: All the best looking guys are Canadian! What was it like growing up in Saskatchewan, Canada? CD: Cold! And […]

  • TV REVIEW | Dante’s Cove

    “Softporn with a story line…” is what a friend had told me and he wasn’t wrong.