TV REVIEW | Red Dwarf XII: M-Corp

Last week we heaped praise on the excellent “Mechocracy” and if you enjoyed that as much as we have, be prepared to enjoy this week’s instalment even more.
 Called “M-Corp”, this episode is a Lister centred Black Mirror-esque adventure that seamlessly combines humour with emotion and nostalgia.

Poor Lister’s (Craig Charles) birthday doesn’t start well and it is set to get even worse as the ship receives the upgrade from hell from M-Corp. It all seems so perfect at the start when the fabulous Helen George (Trixy from Call the Midwife) tells them about all the wonderful things the company’s products can bring to their ship. Unfortunately, things soon turn sour as Lister finds himself cut off from his friends and at M-Corp’s mercy.
 Craig Charles displays both great comedy as well as dramatic timing acting Lister’s despair and confusion at being all alone in strange surroundings.

While Helen George is deliciously creepy as the faux kind robotic face M-Corp.
 the rest of the cast is relegated more to a “supportive” characters role this week, but use what they are given brilliantly.

A special mention should be given to the wonderful end scene that should melt the heart of every true Dwarfer.

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