Sadly Geoffrey Hayes died, but he'll most be remembered for his presenting on the classic and legendary children's show Rainbow.

Sadly Geoffrey Hayes died, but he’ll most be remembered for his presenting on the classic and legendary children’s show Rainbow.

Geoffrey Hayes died at the age of 76 in October 2018. He was best known as the presenter in the 70s and 80s classic children’s show Rainbow. He died from pneumonia his agent confirmed.

Geoffrey was born in Stockport, England. Although he was known for his stint as the loveable presenter of the long-running educational show, he wasn’t actually the first. The first presenter of the show was David Cook. David Cook, unfortunately, died in 2015 just days before what would have been his 75 birthday. Cook left in the third series of Rainbow in 1973.

The Thames Television kids’ show, Rainbow ran for over 1000 episodes and Geoffrey was in every single one from 1973, right up until its abrupt ending in 1992. The show started in 1972. Geoffrey was joined by his puppet co-hosts, George, Bungle and Zippy. The show also featured a singing trio, Rod, Jane and Freddy.

Was Geoffrey Hayes gay?

No, Geoffrey did not identify as gay. He was married to Sarah and together they had one son, Tom. Geoffrey and Sarah were married for 31 years, right up until his death. His son Tom is now 30-years-old.

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