Duncan James and Adam Rickitt have got it on…

Okay, it’s only for television but it totally makes our day.Check out this first look promo from e4.

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Speaking about working with Duncan, Adam said in a recent interview,

“It’s been funny – I’ve known Duncan for years. When I first got the part and they mentioned that Kyle would be gay, I was like, “Oh, that’s fine as long as it’s not with Duncan…” because he was such a good mate. They were like, “Erm… well it is with Duncan”. [laughs] In some respect, you think it’s going to be really awkward because I’d known him for so long, but then at the same time it was really good because he’s such a nice guy and we are good mates! So, my first ever boy-on-boy kiss was with Duncan from Blue! That’s definitely a benchmark! [laughs]”