The Welsh Liberal Democrats are launching their campaign promoting the benefits of the Human Rights Act in advancing LGBT+ rights.

At Saturday’s Pride Cymru, Wales’ biggest LGBT pride event, the party will be campaigning against plans by the Conservatives to scrap the Human Rights Act – plans which were blocked by the Liberal Democrats as part of the Coalition Government.

The Human Rights Act has forced the UK Government to introduce the Gender Recognition Act, found the unequal age of consent for same-sex relationships to be illegal in 1997, and forced the Government to allow LGBT+ people to serve openly in the armed forces in 1999.


Liberal Democrats have a strong record of defending LGBT+ rights in Wales, the UK and across the world. Most recently, the Welsh Lib Dems have led the charge to improve public services for trans people in Wales and establish a Welsh Gender Identity Clinic.

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Kirsty Williams AM, Leader of the Welsh Liberal Democrats, said:

“LGBT+ rights are human rights – it couldn’t get any simpler. The rights of any person of any sexuality or gender – to free speech, to protection from discrimination, to life itself – are exactly the same as anyone else’s. That’s why Liberal Democrats fight to protect them.

“Human rights laws have been vital in protecting LGBT+ people from discrimination by the law. Without them we could still have an unequal age of consent for same-sex relationships, trans people would not be allowed to change their legal sex, and LGBT+ people would be unable to serve openly in the armed forces.

“The Human Rights Act has made positive change happen for our country’s LGBT+ community. That’s why I’m so appalled at Tory plans to scrap these laws and do away with these protections. Liberal Democrats blocked them within Government, and we’ll carry on fighting them now.

“As many people as possible need to oppose these proposals. That’s why we’re launching our campaign today at, and I urge everyone to back our calls.”

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