According to the EastEnder icon’s brother Dean Gaffney calls his one-eyed monster Wellard, after his on screen dog.

It’s nothing but revelation after revelation when it comes to what the stars are calling their penises. Firstly Channing Tatum revealed that he calls his Little Tatum, Gilbert. Then Made In Chelsea Jamie Laing exposed his penises’ name as Mercutio. Now Gaffney’s dong has been named, as Wellard.

The news came to light after Gaffney returned to EastEnders as Robbie, after a long break and according to the actor’s brother, Gary, he calls his willy Wellard after the dog which was Robbie’s pet.

His brother regaled a story about how Dean would answer fans who asked how Wellard was, to which Gaffney apparently would look in the direction of his crotch and say: “Yeah, he’s alright!”

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Dean Gaffney returns to Walford / EastEnders with Wellard 2 for an 8 episode stint.