Across the world, June has become known as Pride month, but is June Pride Month in the UK?

As 2021 looks to be a more successful year for Pride across the UK, this is when it’s officially Pride Month in the UK.

When is Pride Month in the UK?

After Pride season was all but wiped out in 2020 due to Coronavirus, here’s hoping 2021 will be a little more successful for local prides around the UK.

Many prides decided to postpone their events until 2021, so many will have the same theme or indeed entertainment acts and speakers that were planned for their 2020 festivals. Even now, many prides including Brighton Pride and Warwickshire, both are usually in August, have decided to cancel their events until 2022 at the earliest.


Officially Pride Month is in June in 2021 to coincide with the anniversary of the Stonewall Riots.

Where did Pride Month originate?

Pride Month stemmed from the US, which has been adopted more widely across the world, but in reality, there are many Pride months across the globe. For instance, Sydney Mardi Gras, Australia’s biggest pride takes place in February (although they do have a Pride festival in June) and here in the UK, there isn’t such thing as one month for Pride.

In the US most prides happen in the month of June to coincide with the anniversary of the 1969 Stonewall Riots, in the UK however things are a little more spread out with more and more county, city and town prides becoming available.


There are over 150 pride events in the UK alone and they start in Feb with the last (outside Winter Pride) in September. So Pride month in the UK is better described as Pride Half Year!

When is Pride Month in the UK
In 2019 the town of Llanelli in South Wales celebrated it’s first pride.

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