What is the difference between the r/AskGayMen and /r/askgaybros/ Reddit groups?
I can call you a fucking c*nt and won't be banned... about sums it up

Users have been taking an opportunity to discuss and joke about the difference between the r/AskGayMen and /r/askgaybros/ Reddit.

Although both subreddits have very similar names, they are both very different in style, brand and well the number of people who are subscribed to them.

/r/askgaybros/ is the bigger of the two forums and clocks in at around 256,000 members, with around 1,200 of them online at any point while r/AskGayMen boasts around 54,000 users with just over 100 online at any time.

Both forums allow gay men to ask each other questions, like My hole is too tight or Would you ever be happy with a guy who has a small penis? but the way in which the forum’s users answer is very different.

The joking started with one user, saying that on AskGayBros he could, … call you a fucking cunt and won’t be banned”

Another added that, “The tolerance for excessive sarcasm and the amount of FILTH permitted” on AskGayBros was highly noted.

Another added about the strictness of r/AskGayMen saying, “I got banned for being transphobic because as a crossdresser I don’t consider myself a female but a male still”

One posted that /r/askgaybros/ was “unmoderated and full of trolls”

One commented on the number of users, by adding “The posts there (askgaymen) seem just as stupid as here. But here you get slapped down in thirty seconds, there it might take twelve hours.”

Perhaps most insightful was, “I’m assuming its the culture that it’s appealing to. AskGayBros is catering to a very niche culture of gay men while it sounds like AskGayMen is a more generic sub”

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So there you have it, it’s about style as the questions seem to be generally the same, the way in which they answered might be slightly different.

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