This Zachary Quinto topless pic has cured Monday’s thirst

We love a shirtless picture, and Zachary Quinto topless is what we needed to see today.

Okay, so Boys In The Band star, Zachary Quinto has managed to get our week all set up and our pulse racing in one easy moment, by posting an incredible body shot, which he simply named, “Saturday sits”.

TBF it actually doesn’t matter what day it is.

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Sitting, sopping wet (did he just get out of the pool?) the star looked effortlessly sexy, showing off some incredibly defined abs. Which of course got his 979,000 fans on Instagram very hot under the collar, with the picture racking up over 74,000 likes in 24 hours and over 1000 very thirsty comments.

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You can watch Boys In The Band, starring Zachary on Netflix now.

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