With just one day to go until Lancaster Pride, this year’s pride promises to be the biggest ever.

The incredible artwork created by the late Amy Winehouse’s tattoo artist, Henry Hate.


Lancaster Pride is an LGBT festival organised by Out in the Bay, a local charity providing support to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people in the Lancaster area, as well as raising awareness for LGBT issues and campaigns.


Speaking about what Pride mean, Robert Mee, the CEO of Lancaster Pride said, “Pride is about everyone coming together to support each other to stand side by side to challenge hate and intolerance and to be able to build a better future of equality for all of us.”

What time does Lancaster Pride begin?

The Lancaster Pride parade officially begins at 11:00 AM until 12:00 PM.

Is there a parade?

Lancaster has a parade at this year’s event, and it will be the second in the pride’s history, with the parade taking place from Dalton Square.


The set off place for the parade is Dalton Square and will turn right on George Street and continue along Spring Garden Street. The procession will then turn right onto the A6 and proceed northwards in the right-hand lane.

The parade will then turn right into Church Street and once located inside the pedestrianised area will temporarily halt to allow the participants a breather and to allow the procession to reform.

The procession will turn right onto Gt John St and proceed up the left-hand lane. The procession will then turn left to finish in Dalton Sq.


Speaking at the parade will be Clive Grunshaw, the police and crime commissioner, Erica Lewis a Cat Smith representative, Kara from the multi-faith Church and Doctor Sweeney.

Where is Lancaster Pride?

Most of the day’s events will take place in front of Lancaster’s Town Hall. The postcode is: LA4 4AU.

What does Lancaster Pride cost?

Lancaster Pride is free for everyone to take part in.

What entertainment will there be at Lancaster Pride?


Performing at Lancaster Pride is the singer Whigfield, who you will remember had the massive, number 1 hit, “Saturday Night”. Also appearing is a slew of talent who will be appearing on stage from 11 AM until 6:30 PM in front of Lancaster’s Town Hall.

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Does Lancaster Pride have a website?

Absolutely. You can view all thing Lancaster Pride HERE

What should I bring to pride?

We’ve created a list of Pride survival ideas. Take a look – but don’t forget to bring sunscreen, money and fully charged phone!


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