Gays of a certain age will know Billie Piper as the 17-year-old pop starlet that racked up hit after hit in the late 90s and early 00s.

Billie Piper
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Pop smashes such as “Girlfriend”, “Because We Want To” and “Day and Night” filled the dance floors of G-A-Y et al. Then she retired from music and became a legit actress wowing people in The Secret Diary Of A Call Girl and then later as the Doctor’s assistant, Rose, in Doctor Who.Well here’s what we learnt from her latest #askBillie.

Her go to film is The Dictator, It never fails to get a laugh out of her.

If she was stuck on a desert island and could only bring one thing she would use a Tardis to get off it. Right on brand message. (She’s in Doctor who in case you didn’t know!)

She likes her ears most about herself. This is because she doesn’t have to see them.

If she could be one age forever she’d be 26. Apparently it was a “brilliant age”.

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She’s a period dress fanatic. Working on Penny Dreadful turned her on to all those busty dresses.

Her worst fear is Jelly fish. They can ruin holidays.

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If she could choose her own name it would be Vinny, because she knew someone who was amazing with that name.

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