The Kings were under our control and had just twenty minutes to answer the fans questions with #AskYearsAndYears.

CREDIT: PR Supplied
CREDIT: PR Supplied

Olly, Mikey and Emre certainly didn’t hold back from answering the most difficult of your questions…

Eggs hard boiled or soft boiled? Chinese or Pizza? Dog or Cat?… If you’re still reading it was, “Poached”, “Chinese” and “Otter”.

Fear not though, it wasn’t all food and animal questions… apart from the Dinosaur or Unicorn question where strangely “Dinosaurs” won out.

There was some talk of the music industry greats where they preferred “Beyoncé to marry and Ri Ri to party with”.

They’d give Harry Styles an “11” out of 10, whilst judging their own fame at around a “7.3”.

Knowing if someone likes it crusty or not is a very important question in any relationship and YearsAndYears are certainly a fan of “Crusts”.We’re talking sandwiches dear!

On top of this they’re also a fan of the “unibrow”.

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Ageing could be a problem for the boys as when asked about the return of Twin Peaks they were, “mixed about it. Love Twin Peaks but don’t want to see the cast looking old.” Then again if they could be anyone for a day it would be “Bruce Willis” and he has to be about 180 by now right?

Seeking advice on gym tips for their larger fans, the lads said to, “screw exercise and pass the potato chips”. Words we all like to hear, but, when talking about hot beverages they also say to “forget about the sugar, take a spoonful of me.” Not quite sure they’d t in the mug but maybe we could spoon elsewhere?

Finally the best and slightly disturbing question of the #Ask session enquired as to the cute Disney nickname they gave their dick. (Turns out, it was a slightly couldn’t be bothered to get up “Dopey”.)

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