What Will Katie Hopkins Do If Labour Wins London?

Katie Hopkins has warned if Labour’s Sadiq Khan wins the London Mayoral elections today she’ll do something drastic.


Michelle Visage’s ex-bestie, Katie Hopkins has taken to social media to say that if Labour mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan should win the election today that she’ll strip naked… and stick a sausage up her bum in protest.

Just that vision… let it meld in your mind for a moment…

The outspoken radio presenter and columnist has nailed her flag to the mast and she definitely doesn’t want a Labour winner.

She hasn’t commented on the type of sausage she’d use, some are speculating on whether it would be a Linda McCartney veggie or a good old British pork.





Katie Hopkins

Across London today, voters will be taking to the polls to elect a new mayor for London as Boris Johnson’s term comes to an end.

Along with Sadiq Khan, who is standing for Labour, the other candidate are:

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  1. Sian Berry, Green Party of England and Wales
  2. David Furness, British National Party
  3. George Galloway, Respect Party
  4. Paul Golding, Britain First
  5. Lee Harris, Cannabis Is Safer Than Alcohol
  6. Ankit Love, One Love Party
  7. Caroline Pidgeon, Liberal Democrats
  8. Sophie Walker, Women’s Equality Party
  9. Peter Whittle, UK Independent Party
  10. Prince Zylinski, Independent