The Agender Pride Day, is an important part of the LGBT+ calendar and it takes place, annually in the middle of May.

The annual Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week takes place on the 19th of May, which in 2021 falls on a Wednesday.

Aromantic Spectrum Awareness Week was first observed in 2014 so is one of the more recent additions to the LGBT calendar. Aromanticism is a sexuality identity within the LGBT+ community in which someone doesn’t experience romantic attraction

It is celebrated the first week after the 14th of February, usually running from Sunday until Saturday. In 2021 it is 21st of Feb until the 27th of Feb 2021.

What are the colours of the Aromantic Pride flag?

The aromantic flag is comprised of five coloured horizontal stripes, from top to bottom: Green, Light Green, White, Grey and Black.

Can you buy Aromantic jewellery or gifts?

Yes, there are many stores which have gifts which have the agender colours assigned to them. Check out the amazing aromantic gift and jewellery range from our partner site, The Pride Shop.

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