Bisexual Awareness Month is the first of three major events celebrating the bisexual community. There is also Celebrate Bisexuality Day and Bisexual Awareness Week.

Bisexual Awareness Month is always celebrated in March, just after the UK’s LGBT History Month and was created in 2014 to bring attention to the health and well being of the bi community.

Bisexual Awareness Month is more of a health awareness month for the bi community was first observed in 2014, by the Bisexual Resource Center in the US. Bisexual Health Awareness Month, also known as #BiHealthMonth is “a social media campaign dedicated to raising awareness about the bisexual+ community’s social, economic, and health disparities, advocating for resources, and inspiring actions to improve bi+ people’s well-being”.

What are the colours of the Bisexual Pride flag?

Bisexual Awareness Month in 2021

The bisexual flag was designed by a team headed by Michael Page in 1998. It is comprised of three coloured horizontal stripes, from top to bottom: Pink, Purple, Blue.

Can you buy bisexual jewellery or gifts?

Yes, there are many stores which have gifts which have the bisexual colours assigned to them. Check out the amazing bisexual gift and jewellery range from our partner site, The Pride Shop.

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