Mandatory face coverings are going to become a thing across the UK – it’s already a requirement on public transport and in Scotland, you must wear a covering when shopping. As lockdown restrictions continue to be eased, and we’re all able to open up our social bubbles, it seems that face coverings are one of the ways we’re being told that can reduce coronavirus infections.

Although it’s important to remember that wearing a face mask doesn’t necessarily stop you for catching the virus, but does help reduce the spread of the virus.


With signals that Boris Johnson could be ordering a face-covering rule for the UK, we look at where you can buy an LGBT+ inspired face covering and supporting LGBT+ businesses while you’re at it.

Will you wear a mask in public whether it is mandatory or not?


If you want to keep it simple, our partner shop THE PRIDE SHOP has these simple rainbow face masks for just £4.00. A donation to The Pride Shop’s Pride Fund is made from each sale.

Buy rainbow face masks.

Then if you want to go handmade, The Pride Shop also has these gorgeous, handmade, Reusable Rainbow Face Masks by Made With Love By Jenny. They’re just £12.00 and they come with a Rainbow Holographic Keyring. Each one is unique, very much like the wearer. A donation to The Pride Foundation UK is made from each sale.

Barcode, the well-known LGBT brand has come up with a variety of different designs and you can buy them from Fetch.


There’s also this rainbow inspired Face mask by CODE 22.

Then if you want to get a little more creative there are some fabulous designs over on Etsy, like these Marlon Brando or Linda LaHughes designs.

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What about a progress pride flag? This one is available on Redbubble

The official Tom of Finland store has a variety of designs available including this Double Scorpio “Poppers” protective mask.

Need emotional support? We’ve set up a special COVID-19 page with helpful resources.

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