The duo shared a heartbreaking video.

The pair shared in an emotional video that they’ve split and some fans can’t cope.

YouTuber Joey Graceffa and his now ex-boyfriend, Daniel Preda have announced that they’ve officially split after being together for six years.

In an incredibly emotional and revealing 14-minute video, which they called “We broke up” the pair discuss their break up, revealing that they actually broke up 3 months ago saying that neither of them had been happy for a while and that the lack of distractions had forced them to make some tough decisions about their relationship.

Daniel admitted that they had been living apart and now had his own home and said the dismantling of six years together was extremely hard.

The couple assured their fans that they had nothing but “love and admiration” for each other. “We want to stay in each other’s lives and be friends past this,” Joey added.

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Their fans were quick to console the couple, with many expressing how 2020 couldn’t get any worse.

One user commented, “Me: 2020 can’t get any worse 2020: hold my virus, Parallel universe, hornets, more racism, world war 3” while another added, “2020: Kobe Died 2020: COVID-19 2020: Delays 2020: Hornets 2020: Racism 2020: THIS”

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Joey and Daniel confirmed their relationship in 2016, a year after Joey came out as gay on his YouTube channel.

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