David McIntosh

It seems as though Instagram really has a problem with David McIntosh’s penis outline.


David McIntosh
CREDIT: David McIntosh


Gladiator‘s and Celebrity Big Brother star David McIntosh keeps getting his pictures removed by Instagram, despite not actually showing any naughty bits. Earlier in 2016, the reality king had a number of pictures removed by angry Insta bosses, and it’s become a bit of a cat and mouse game with the star uploading pictures and the tech giant removing them.

Well, he recently uploaded another picture featuring underwear from the @raphaelwear underwear range and the picture was removed within hours. He even commented that he thought the social media platform would remove the picture even though there was no nudity or pornography in the picture.

So what was the offending picture?

David McIntosh
CREDIT: David McIntosh / Instagram

Speaking to THEGAYUK.com David admitted that he was “heartbroken” that Insta bosses kept removing his pictures and that he “couldn’t deal with this prejudice from Instagram”.

Anyway here’s a racy piccy they haven’t deleted yet.