Which online adult stores offer the cheapest shipping

The boom of online shopping hasn’t just stopped at online groceries, now you can get your favourite sex toy and lube direct to your door, but which sex shop offers the best shipping deals?

how much does shopping cost for adult sex toys

There are a number of online adult stores based in the UK. They include the well-established gay brands such as Prowler and Clone Zone but also Bent and our very own TheGayShop.

All of these shops offer home delivery, but what does it cost?

For our experiment, we looked at the price of shipping a bottle of Liquid Silk 250ml to a UK mainland address. Here’s what we found.

THEGAYSHOP came out with the cheapest P&P coming in at £3.75 – using Royal Mail while Love Honey was the most expensive costing a whopping £3.99 for postage, however, they did use Royal Mail’s tracking service.

So here’s what the various brands charged for delivery of 250ml bottle of Liquid Silk.

Prowler charges £3,75

THEGAYSHOP.co.uk charges £2.50

Regulation charges £3.15 

Bent / Esmale charges  £3.54

CloneZone charges £3.95

LoveHoney charges £3.99

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GayMegaStore charges £5.75  (did not stock ID Glide)

All of the stores also offer free stand delivery on orders when you reach a certain price.

Prowler free delivery on orders over  £25

TheGayUK free delivery on orders over £40

Regulation free delivery on orders over £50

Bent / Esmale free delivery on orders over £20

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CloneZone free delivery on orders over £25

LoveHoney free delivery on orders over £40

GayMegaStore free delivery on orders over €120

Disclosure: TheGayShop is a division of  Pineapple Rock Ltd. and profits go towards funding THEGAYUK.com. This is not an advertisement and the contents have not been paid for by any party.

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