Due to certain EU regulations, some US websites have decided against showing pages to EU residents – and LGBT news site NewNowNext appears to be one of them.

In 2018 the European Union enacted a raft of rules for its “data subjects” to protect their online privacy – basically anyone who accesses the web in the EU is protected by these laws – and companies, particularly news outlets were left stratching their heads about how to deal with the new laws and how to stay legal.

It left many websites and their owners completely unsure on what or how to operate in the EU. Some US companies decided to pull out of the EU altogether and just push EU visitors to a holding page.

It appears that the LOGO TV website, NewNowNext.com is one of those websites.

They redirect anyone in the EU who visit their URL to their Twitter page. In May they told one reader, who asked why they were unable to access the site “We are working on getting our sites GDPR compliant”.

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Other websites who do not allow people living in the EU to access their sites include titles from Tribune Publishing, whose newsbrands include The Chicago Tribune and the New York Daily News.

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