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It’s important that you look after yourself, even your sexual health during the Coronavirus lockdown.

Although it may seem that many health services might be running at a reduced capacity or you’re unable to physically attend NHS services, but this sexual health doctor wants you to know that you can still get sexual health advice and, if necessary, access medications and testing if you need them.

The NHS is still open

You can still get sexual health checks during covid 19 lockdown
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Doctor Naomi Sutton took to Twitter to remind followers that the NHS sexual services are still available and that you should phone your usual sexual health clinic and access the current phone consulting services being offered.

She wrote,

“The #NHS is still open! Please seek medical advice if you need it.

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“Sexual health services are operating phone consultations, posting contraception, screening tests and medication when needed and seeing patients face to face where necessary”

You can also order sexual health testing online. The charity, Saving Lives are posting out HIV kits.

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At Home Testing is available

It is recommended that sexually active people, who have a number of different sexual partners should go for an STI test at their local Sexual Health clinic every 3 to 6 months, or order a FREE at-home HIV test kit from Saving Lives if you use the promo code: GAYUK20.

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