Georgie Aldous

YouTuber Georgie Aldous has hit out at people, including his mum, who criticize men who wear makeup.

CREDIT: Georgie Aldous/YouTube


“Please tell me why it’s an issue for men to wear makeup in 2016” asks Georgie Aldous in his new vlog.


Vegan YouTuber Georgie has made a video about why no one should be batting an eyelid if men wear makeup – especially in 2016.

Recalling a conversation where his mum questioned if he wanted to be a transvestite because of selfie he posted to Facebook, in which he wore false nails and makeup, he hit back saying, “Stop living in the dark ages.”

He argued,

“Makeup isn’t gendered in my opinion. I can wear makeup if I want to, doesn’t mean I want to be woman, I’m happy being a man. I just love to express myself through makeup.

“Makeup is art at the end of the day.”

CREDIT: Georgie Aldous/YouTube


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