Day: 3 December 2017

  • 11 times guys’ peens will just have a mind of their own

    From my teenage years through into my 30s I could depend on my cock to misbehave, at the wrong time and in the wrong place. Driving. In the back seat of the family car on our way to visit relatives, and the vibration of travel would wake him. “Hey, I’m here” Always the last to […]

  • Here’s why your breath stinks in the morning

    Here’s why your breath stinks in the morning

    Even the dog leaves the room Have you ever wondered why your breath is foul in the morning? Well here’s the surprising reason why it’s stinky and what you can do about it. Bad breath – morning or otherwise is essentially caused by the millions of bacteria that you have in your mouth – when […]

  • The best naughty 2018 Calendars

    It’s that time of year when we look to the year ahead… And what will be hanging on our walls. People, we present the hottest calendars that need to be in your life for 2018 Red Hot 2018 Go follow @chrisjammer Mr July in our Red Hot British Boys calendar. Out next Wednesday 25th Oct […]

  • HOTEL REVIEW | The Seven Hotel & Wellness, Gran Canaria

    I shelved travelling to Gran Canaria for many years because I had horrors of being surrounded by youngsters on their first holiday along with every other restaurant serving a full English Breakfast. I would have probably been close to that dread if it wasn’t for the tranquillity of The Seven Hotel & Wellness – Gay […]

  • What’s it like to have a doctor check your balls for lumps?

    Oh no; not a third bollock! I had found a lump! Nothing significant but it was a lump on my right testicle. I had woken one morning stretching, raking, scratching, checking and there it was. I did nothing, well not precisely nothing I kept checking every day to see if it would just go. It […]