21) Circuit Festival in Barcelona:

Up for a huge party that doesn’t end even when the sun comes up? Hit Circuit in Barcelona every August. Nearly 30 parties in 11 days, as well as an all-day- every-day beach party, will make sure you get your fix of dance music, hot boys in small shorts and drain your wallet faster than you can blink.

22) Gay ski week:

Who doesn’t like skiing? Who doesn’t like gays? It’s all available at one of the many gay ski weeks held every year around the world. When the fun ends on the slopes, you can be sure the snow gear comes off for the après-ski parties every night.


23) Travel around European pride days/CSD parties (Berlin, Paris, Köln, Stockholm, Sitges):

The biggest gay parties happen in Europe on Pride day (known as Christopher Street Day in Germany). With massive parades ending with 12-hour free access street parties, the Europeans know how to party with Pride. If you love to travel and to party, you can party almost every weekend between June and August somewhere in Europe.


24) Dance at a club in just your underwear:

This is something you can easily accomplish at Circuit (see 21) but most decent gay clubs will hold an underwear party at least once a year. There’s a great release of inhibition needed in dancing in just your underwear. If a club near you holds an underwear party, grab a pair of Andrew Christian underwear and party hard!


25) A Foam party in Sitges:

One of the oldest gay clubs in Europe holds a twice-weekly foam party that is out of this world. Filled with hot boys from around the world, partying in one of the gayest areas in Europe, in little to no clothing and buried in foam – what could be more fun?


26) A Gay Cruise:

A week-long cruise party on a boat. Need I say more? Grab a few pairs of small swimmers and get on board! Cruises leave from cities in Europe and America throughout the summer. Check out AlAndChuck for some great deals.

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27) Big gay day in Brisbane, Australia:

You’ve probably heard of Mardi Gras in Sydney, the biggest gay party in Australia. Less well known is Big Gay Day, held the following Sunday in Brisbane, about 1200kms north of Sydney. Featuring a surprisingly low entry fee for a 12-hour party (about $25-$30) and big-name acts from Australia, this is one street party that should be on your bucket list.


28) Gay clubbing in Amsterdam:

Rapido’s infamous Warehouse club or the (now international) Room-Service parties are ones that should be on any gay guys must-do list of parties. The boys in Holland are hot, and they love to party hard and long. If a big dance party is your thing, Amsterdam should be on your list of places to go.


29) Hold hands with your partner on public transport

For one moment believe that this is what you’re meant to do and that nobody cares – because they probably don’t.

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30) Watch The Birdcage:

One of the biggest grossing gay films starring Robin Williams and Nathan Lane. It’s a classic.