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  • History of marriage in the UK

    History of marriage in the UK

    In this article, we look at the history of marriage in the UK. Our history starts at 410AD, as before this time there were no written records of the history of marriage. Before written records, history was passed down orally from the older generation to the younger one, unfortunately, over time this oral history has […]

  • Running man | 8 top tip if you’re planning to start running again

    Running man | 8 top tip if you’re planning to start running again

    If you are looking to get back into running after a break here is advice from Lewis Manning, Senior Sports Physiotherapist at BMI The London Independent Hospital Gradual training The most important thing you need to remember when getting back into running after a break, especially if you’re recovering from an injury, is to increase […]

  • 50 Gay Things To Do Before You Die

    50 Gay Things To Do Before You Die

    We’re told aren’t we about having a bucket list – those things we need to do before we die, well the team here at TheGayUK have come up with 50 Gay Things You Need To Do Before You Die. 1) Sydney Mardi Gras: Embed from Getty Images your life isn’t complete without visiting Sydney Australia […]

  • INTERVIEW: Cleo Rocos

    From television celebrity to tequila entrepreneur, we talk to one of the nicest people in show business, Cleo Rocos about everything from partying with Princess Diana to the power of positive drinking. Cleo Rocos will never blend into a crowd. Whether it’s her fiery red hair, wild style or infectious laugh, she definitely knows how […]

  • INTERVIEW: My Transexual Summer: Lewis Hancox

    Lewis Hancox, a 24-year-old Digital Film and Video student tells Matt Peake about what it was like to appear in Channel 4’s ‘My Transsexual Summer’, his plans for the future and about the love of his life, Sophie. Can you explain the process of how Channel 4 initially approached you? I made video blogs on […]

  • INTERVIEW: Mr Gay World 2014, Stuart Hatton

    INTERVIEW: Mr Gay World 2014, Stuart Hatton

    If you think beauty pageants are just for girls staring vacantly into the middle distance, where every answer is “world peace”, over-the-top tiaras and feeding starving pandas, you’ve not clapped your eyes on this year’s Mr Gay UK. Step up Hunky Stuart Alexander Hatton, the smouldering, 28-year- old, Star-Trek loving dance teacher who is the […]

  • INTERVIEW | Lisa Stansfield

    INTERVIEW | Lisa Stansfield

    This is the first time I’ve had to interview someone I feel like I grew up with, that I shared some of my most intimate moments with, that made me laugh and cry, made me shake my tushie round the living room – and still wanted to meet up and have a pint with. I […]

  • INTERVIEW | Cheryl Baker

    We catch up with the gorgeously camp and ever youthful Cheryl Baker. Famous for ‘that’ skirt moment, winning Eurovision, Christmas Top of The Pops and co-hosting Record Breakers. Cheryl we bow down to thee…. What is your favourite moment from your career? Winning Eurovision, without question, as that was always my ambition as a child. […]

  • INTERVIEW | Mat and Jon from Proud 2 Be

    INTERVIEW | Mat and Jon from Proud 2 Be

    On a sunny afternoon in January, we caught up with identical twins Mat and Jon Price to find out why they posted an online video saying they were Proud2Be gay and set up the Proud2Be project to spread the positive message that whatever your sexuality and wherever you live, you should be proud of who […]

  • LOOK AT ME | Major Major

    LOOK AT ME | Major Major

    So tell us what is Major – A) Tom Daley’s Tan, B) Joey Essex’s Teeth C) Ann Widdecombe’s Hair. Elsa: a) Tom Daley’s Tan! Bless him, he seems like a sweet boy. It must have been a tough decision for him to come out through the media, I really wish him all the best. Irene: […]

  • March 2014

    March 2014

    Inside Issue 2 Mr Gay UK says ‘ello, Cleo Rocos, Tara McDonald, Lisa Stansfield, Cheryl Baker and much more… PLUS: 50 things to do before you die, the BEST running shoes, news, reviews, lifestyle and advice. TheGayUK’s second outing. Relive the ride today. Enjoy.