31) Date someone considerably younger than you:

Just to remember what it used to be like in your 20s.


32) Date someone considerably older than you:

So you have an insight on what’s in store for you – all the good things and bad.


33) Educate Heterosexual People:

Not all gay people are like some of the gay stereotypes seen on TV. Have a normal conversation that doesn’t involve pink things, fluff and campery.


34) New York Bar Crawl:

Get down and dirty with the gay scene in New York- make sure you stop off at The Cock and experience the groapy crowd. Check out the most annoying questions straight people ask gay people.


35) Try to keep up-to-date with Apple products:

Ipod mini

You won’t be able to do, without a small mortgage.


36) See Liza / Barbra / Bette /Shirley / Tina:

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Witness greatness, those who don’t need to lip-sync.

37) See Pam Ann Live:

She’s now an institution and since the death of Joan River (Gawd rest her soul) she’s the filthiest thing you’ll see on stage – plus she really gets the gay.


38) Visit Disney on the unofficial “gay day”


39) Climb Kings Canyon in Australia’s outback:

and wear heals at the top to recreate on the most famous scenes from Priscilla Queen Of The Desert.

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40) Drag it up:

Just once, let the inner lady (or inner man) come out and revel in the attention.