Research by BRITA has revealed that we all feel an energy slump around 4pm, so we often reach for a sugary snack to keep us going until dinner. To encourage us to have healthier habits, BRITA has launched Pour O’Clock, suggesting that we pick up a glass of water mid-afternoon instead of snacking on something unhealthy.

Nutritionist Jo Travers shares her tips for making sure you don’t feel tempted to dip into the biscuit tin at 4 PM.

1. Eat three meals a day

Eating regularly will sure you get the necessary nutrients to keep your bodies running smoothly. It’ll also keep blood glucose levels even, so you don’t feel that slump in energy.

2. Don’t skip breakfast

Make sure you get a good breakfast, no matter how busy you are. This will make sure that your body isn’t craving nutrients throughout the day, making that afternoon snack attack less likely to occur.

3. Go for a stroll

Keeping active is great for muscle tone and heart health and will also help keep your weight in check. Go for a stroll to take your mind off unhealthy foods and you’ll also improve your circulation, making you feel healthier all round.

4. Get your five a day

Fibre, fluid and movement are all essential for a healthy digestive system. Vitamins and minerals from fruit and veg are needed for every process in the body so not getting at least five portions a day could be compromising your health.

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7. Team up with a friend

Avoiding the biscuit tin can be hard if everyone else is tempting you towards it. Team up with a friend to support each other in staying healthy and happy.

5. Drink a glass of water

Hydration is important as it has an impact on our productivity and concentration. Getting thirsty is actually one of the very last physical effects dehydration has on the body so the damage may have already begun. Learning to identify the other signs of dehydration, like dry eyes or lack of concentration, will help avoid it.

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6. Treat yourself

Give yourself a non-food related treat by doing something you enjoy for five minutes at 4pm. We often snack because we are bored, so listen to a song you like or read a few pages of a book to divert your attention from something sugary.

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