Stonewall Bigot Nominee Pat Robertson has lost his battle to have a controversial AIDS remark removed from YouTube.

The 83 year-old televangelist has lost his fight with YouTube to have a comment he made about gay men spreading AIDS with a ring which could cut and infect those who shook hands with someone wearing the ring in San Francisco, removed after the Google owned service re-instated the video.

Robertson claimed the gay community had also passed several ‘draconian laws’ which prohibited people from discussing this particular affliction.’


The video’s copyright owner the Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) initially had the video removed, stating copyright infringement but when the clip reemerged with Robertson’s outrageous remarks removed Right Wing Watch (RRW) wrote,

‘…The episode reveals the lengths CBN will go to hide and censor the statements made by its own leader,’

The video has now been reinstated after RWW said that the clip fell under a fair use clause – and seemingly YouTube agrees.

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Last week Stonewall released a list of nominees for its 8th Annual Awards, Pat Robertson has been nominated for a Bigot Of The Year Award.

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