Alex Reid reports Katie Price over “disgusting” photo revelation

The ex-husband of Katie Price, Alex Reid, has revealed that he has reported her to the police after she said that she had “disturbing” photos of him.


Alex Reid has reported his ex-wife Katie Price to the police after she revealed in a magazine interview that she had disturbing and disgusting images of the ex-cage fighter. The pair were married for 11 months before separating in 2011.

Speaking to Heat Magazine she said,

“When I’ve split up with exes, they’ve gone on a rampage, slagging me off… with Alex the amount of stories he’s done on me, but he forgets what videos and pictures I have of him.

“All my friends have seen them, but not once have I ever put them out. One, it would disturb everyone to the grave and number two, they’re not flattering, they’re disgusting. You look at them and you’re disgusted.”

Alex Reid was seen attending Colindale Police Station in north London earlier this week.

Speaking to Sunday People, Reid said that he had reported Katie to the police saying that “enough was enough” and said that he felt bullied and persecuted by her.  He said,

“I have reported her. Enough is enough. After seven years of bullying, harassment and threats I’ve had enough. I’ve been persecuted and it has to stop somewhere”.

Katie runs her mouth about Alex’s sex life

This is not the first time Katie has broken confidence about Alex Reid’s private life. During her time on Celebrity Big Brother. She revealed graphic details about her ex-husband’s sexual preferences in a conversation with Michelle Visage.

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Responding to the revelations, Reid told MailOnline: “I’m disappointed Katie would bring up private information.”


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