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There could be a gay Love Island

Apparently TV execs are eyeing up a gay version of ITV 2’s runaway hit series Love Island after the creator, Richard Cowes said he’d love to see a man on man version of the show but said that trying to mix the two versions would be difficult. The show although praised for its entertainment value has failed in representing LGBT+ relationships.

Love Island has been an absolute ratings winner for ITV 2 with many calling it a “guilty pleasure” despite the hundreds of complaints the show has attracted since its launch.

A spokesperson for the show told Digital Spy,

“The main stipulation for Love Island applicants is that they are single and looking for love, and we are open to all possibilities.”

Bromance wins out again

This year viewers have been obsessed by the relationship that grew between two male contestants, Chris and Kem with many fans calling the bromance between the pair the real winner of the series.

The pair were so enamoured with each other that they decided to shave each other’s initials into their pubic hair.

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Love Island airs on ITV2


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