Author: Simon Hill

  • Journey to Fatherhood 9 | Finally a father

    “Under pressure” – that’s how I feel right now. The shock and amazement at the birth of my daughter has been replaced by the daily pressure that surrogacy debts, my daughter, my extended family and now my new bf bring to bear. On the face of it, my prospects have never been better and I’ve […]

  • JOURNEY TO FATHERHOOD 8 | Planning to be a single, gay dad

    About a year ago I was approached by a documentary production company, who were producing a documentary on different types of families from the UK, going through the surrogacy process. They had a straight couple, a gay couple and were looking for an individual gay man as well. The company asked me to take part. […]

  • JOURNEY TO FATHERHOOD 7: Walking through the woods

    Looking back at what I have published in this column, I realise that it’s now been two years since my first article (2015); and indeed it’s been five years (2012) since I started this process. I can remember being told at the time, “you’re in your mid-thirties (by my mother and others) why can’t you […]

  • JOURNEY TO FATHERHOOD 6: Back on the straight and narrow road to fatherhood

    My hiatus is over and having wondered into the foothills near the road to becoming a father, I have now returned to the straight and narrow. Recently three things have happened which have had a profound effect on my journey to becoming a father: It has now been 13 months since the last embryo transfer […]

  • JOURNEY TO FATHERHOOD 5 | $110,000 down and still no family

    I am currently in a hiatus, waiting for the next steps to materialise. My journey began a year and a half ago when I signed paperwork agreeing to spend around $110,000 on a series of fixed payment contracts for surrogacy. After four months we found an egg donor and literally grabbed the first surrogate who […]

  • JOURNEY TO FATHERHOOD 4 | Legal and Ethical issues

    Legal and ethical issues are the less exciting, but a very important part of surrogacy. I thought this would be a very dry article until my recent experience. Despite my research I was in for a surprise. ‘Legals’ as they are known, underpin any surrogacy process and UK law is restrictive. They cover everything from […]

  • JOURNEY TO FATHERHOOD 3 | The Reaction

    About five years ago I went on holiday to Benidorm. I met a gay couple from Berkshire, one of whom had been a long term employee at one of the world’s largest banks. After a few nights we got very drunk and started one of those deep conversations about life. Recounting his time at the […]


    The second instalment of Simon Hill’s journey to becoming a father. It’s about the money… A man once told me a story about money, it went like this: The board of a FTSE 100 company is meeting at lunchtime. As they start to debate the next item, an investment of £10bn, there is a knock […]

  • JOURNEY TO FATHERHOOD | The Journey To Become A Father

    “Click”, and with that I had spent twenty thousand dollars. But, I didn’t feel anything. Is this what the super-rich feel when they spend twenty thousand dollars, nothing? What if I did it again, would I feel ecstatic, excited at what was about to happen, a sheer sense of relief after all the months of […]