Day: 23 June 2015

  • RECIPE | Pork Carnitas

    Serves 3 (or two cavemen) | Cook 3 ½ hours | Prep minimum marinade time of 1 hour, overnight would be great Slow Cook Deliciously sticky, sweet pulled pork can really be a show stopper at the table. Its slow cooking creates such a depth of flavour enhanced with the marinade spices that this meat […]

  • CAR REVIEW | Auto, Erotic?

    While we all like to think we’re not swayed by fancy cars, there’s no doubt the right motor can aid access to the pants of others. Whether it’s through first impressions or a well-placed mattress in the back, here’s my top 10. Aston Martin With most of this list I’ve had to specify a single […]

  • EDITORS LETTER | Porn Go On Admit It You Love It

    From the very first click of a camera, men, come on it’s always nearly men, were looking at ways to capture sexuality on film and from the first dark room developed photo to the naked selfie you took this morning, pornography is everywhere. It won’t surprise you to learn up to 37% of the net […]

  • London Transport Goes Gay For Pride

    Some of London’s transport options are getting a rainbow makeover in time for Pride this weekend. Some of London’s buses, taxis and now DLR carriages are to be given a rainbow makeover to celebrate Pride in London, which takes place on the 27th June. The DLR train completes a hat-trick of rainbow wrapped transport vehicles, […]

  • Prime Minister Recognises The Work Of Anti-Hate Campaigner Mark Healey

    A campaigner from Lewisham who founded the remembrance and hate crime prevention charity ‘17-24-30 No to Hate Crime Campaign’ and started a national week to challenge prejudice has been named a Point of Light by Prime Minister David Cameron in the run up to Pride in London. Mark Healey has become synonymous with campaigning to […]

  • RECIPE | Baked Apples in Cider

    Serves 2 |  Prep 10 mins | Cook 40-50 mins Literally golden and delicious. Apples baked in a dark, vanilla, cider syrup with a hint of nutmeg. A lovely, no fuss dessert paying homage to the apple by saucing it in a sweet nectar of itself. To serve with cream is a must. Ingredient. 2 […]

  • JOURNEY TO FATHERHOOD | The Journey To Become A Father

    “Click”, and with that I had spent twenty thousand dollars. But, I didn’t feel anything. Is this what the super-rich feel when they spend twenty thousand dollars, nothing? What if I did it again, would I feel ecstatic, excited at what was about to happen, a sheer sense of relief after all the months of […]