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Azealia Banks warns the gays “Y’all stay off that f*cking PrEP”

The controversial performer Azealia Banks has taken time out of her busy schedule to warn people using the anti-HIV drug, PrEP.

Of course, she had little (read no) evidence to back her claims.

Banks, who has a history of attacking the gay community, with the outrageous usage of the word f*ggot, took to Instagram Stories to question the drug’s side effects and warn users of potential outcomes.

“There’s no reason you need to have a fucking pill so you can just fuck whoever you wanna fuck,” she said.

According to Queerty, and a copy of the Instagram Story on Twitter, she continued,

“The boys are still getting HIV.

“The girls are getting fucking renal failure. They’re getting liver fucking failure, they’re getting anal warts, they’re getting anal cancer, OK? That’s a fucking death trap.”


However Banks failed to present any evidence for her claims.

She then took aim at out singer Frank Ocean, who recently opened a club night called, PrEP saying,


“And for that dumbass n*gga Frank Ocean to sit up there and f*cking promote that to y’all gays like that’s something that y’all need? It’s evil. And he’s probably getting paid, by some white gay corporation to f*cking do this sh*t”

“Y’all stay off that f*cking PrEP.”

She also suggested that people taking PrEP could have a sex addiction and should seek the help of a therapist.

“They trying to spark a new AIDS epidemic?”

Further on in her rant, Banks delved into a wild conspiracy theory suggesting that there could be a new AIDS epidemic from the wide usage of unprotected sex brought on by people using PrEP.

She said, “I don’t know what new epidemic they trying to spark. They trying to spark a new AIDS epedemic?”

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Banks and her obsession with gay sex

This isn’t the first time Banks has poked her nose into the sex lives of gay men. In 2018 she warned against the use of Poppers. In that tweet she wrote,

“Stop sniffing poppers!! When you sniff poppers there’s is [the] possibility for your pain threshold to be heightened – which means you will not feel yourself being harmed until after the fact. No more poppers and fleets!!! Embrace that boochie baby.”

“Just be patient with yourself. Sometimes it takes 20 minutes to get inside a boochie and THAT IS OKAY. Don’t speed up the process by using poppers to accommodate a forceful top. Say “I HAVE THE BUSSY… I MAKE THE RULES!”

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