In time for this year’s pride season the world’s first gay fighting game, GAY FIGHTER SUPREME, with ten LGBT fighters – including drag queen Carrie Cupcake, GoGo Gary, lesbian Sappho Ethridge and twink Timmy Spears – all competing to win the title of Gay Fight champion.

GAY FIGHTER SUPREME is available for purchase now on iTunes, Windows and Google Play.

“The idea for GAY FIGHTER SUPREME arose from banter between friends discussing our mutual love for 90’s fighting games,” says Michael Patrick, the game’s founder and creator.

“The characters are all influenced by dated jokes, pop culture icons, and camp. We wanted it to be like a pride parade gone rogue.”

“The game is intended to be irreverent, satirical, fun spirited and ironic.”

Melchor Cardenas, the games co-creator added, “Anyone who mistakenly views the game as offensive or feels it perpetuates gay stereotypes is missing the point.

“It’s pure satire. We don’t mean to offend anyone. If it does offend someone, we hope it inspires them to create a fun queer themed game of their own.”

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There are twelve levels in all. The final three characters that must be defeated to win the game are The League of Oppressive Self-Righteous Zealots (LOSRZ for short). They are the real enemies, a group whose aim is to wipe out the LGBT community by brainwashing its members and transforming them into gay hating cyborgs.To preserve the tongue in cheek nature of the game, no blood or gore is ever seen in GAY FIGHTER SUPREME, only rainbows and unicorns.

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“The message I would take from the game is that the LGBT family shouldn’t fight among each other,” concludes Patrick. “There are larger enemies afoot!”

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