I have to admit I love the written word; I have a thing for it, which is strange as someone who is quite visual in their other work and trained in visual arts. I especially love it in erotica, simple sensuous phrases can have unexpected results and can prove more arousing than mere images – and that’s exactly what Jonathan Lemieux and his short story does.

Just that one word ‘Daddy’ conjures up all sorts of images in the gay world… and this book doesn’t disappoint. The story is simple but full of such descriptive narrative. It gives you a hero of sorts, with a back-story and told in the first person so you feel part of the action.

It follows our hero, Justin Waterston, on a journey of self-discovery and into the arms of his daddy, Mitch. He meets his hero online, and spends time on camera with his lusty counter-part.

The relationship develops and, in time, the usual question rears its ugly head, the one about meeting in the flesh. I always find this amazing as only our generation must understand this – we’ve seen each other, hell, we’ve probably had sex online on camera but we’ve never met face to face.

So Justin receives a ticket to ride, and ride he does!

If you like your sex with a pinch of pig, if you like your erotica with a smidgeon of smut – Jonathan writes it just for you.

This story has the desired effect in the pant department – it arouses and stimulates but also gives you characters you care about and want to know more about!

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I’m reliably informed that this is another in a long line of stories, so feel free to invest emotionally in these characters and storylines – think Harry Potter with a fetish and you wont be disappointed in this series!

The story is available here as a download or an actual book:


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By Chris Jones

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