Katie Hopkins Will Step On Perez Like A Small Fly

Ooooft, it’s all going on the Big Brother house and after an incident today, Katie Hopkins has made her feelings about Perez Hilton very, very clear.

Perez Hilton will from now on feel the wrath from gay icon wannabe Katie Hopkins, after she screamed at him to be quiet, which brought the celebrity blogger to tears. It all happened when Perez confronted Ken about his behaviour in the house that infuriates Katie. Perez further felt Katie’s anger when he questioned her about sleeping with her now husband when he was still married to a previous woman. Needless to say, Katie was not happy about her actions being questioned.

Enough is enough: Katie Hopkins silences Perez with a hand, letting him know that she has had enough of his voice and his opinions.



Reduced To Tears: Perez tries to answer back but Hopkins’ acid tongue silences and reduces him to tears.

Gleeful: Katie tells Big Brother that she’d like to step on Perez like a small fly.

Later on, Katie tells Big Brother that today’s task made Perez look like “a dingbat” and admits that she is not likely to ever get on with him. She then likens him to a “small fly that I will step on, and will be removed from this House, hopefully by my hand. I’ll be pleased to see him go”

Who do you want to see win?

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