BOOK REVIEW | When You Were Me

Robert Rodi is on fire – yet again and I’m not sure I’m really surprised.

Everything I read from him – is always spot on, a page turner and very funny. The book seemingly does everything you want the book to do. The story follows an aging gay man Jack who has it all, money, stability, a porsche. The only thing he’s missing is his youth. After breaking up with a long term boyfriend and bumping into the newer and considerably¬†younger new love, Jack feels suddenly very old.



In a moment of self obsession he looks into ways to get young, to perhaps swap bodies with some hung, young yummy thing… and here the fun begins.
On the other hand – Corey, a young, hung yummy thing is penniless and at the end of his tether – out to sea without an anchor, having just got out a Meth habit Corey is bewilder – alone.

Will he swap bodies with this aging man in order to have everything he ever desired?

An easy read with a few laughs on the way.

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