Music to have gay sex to

I love a good playlist; I’ve got one for every occasion. Whether I want to get hot and sweaty in the gym or need something to get me through the commute to the office. My favourite, and most exciting, is the one I’ve got going on for the bedroom. Either your gonna be turned off right now, or incredibly turned on.

Does your bone-ing session really need to be soundtracked? No, but it can help. There have been various studies that prove that sex and music really do go well together, and surprisingly it has a lot to do with science. Neurophysiologist Dr Rhonda Freeman says that “music is likely to affect three regions of the brain – the reward or pleasure system, the social affliction or bonding system, and the limbic system (which processes emotions)”.

So now we understand and are on the same page; here are my five essential picks to include in your next bedroom gymnastics session.

Britney Spears – “Breathe on Me”

This ‘In the Zone‘ deep cut is the perfect place to start. By 2003, Britney was becoming a full-on sexual seductress; and “Breathe on Me” is the perfect place to start. Turn the lights down low, let the pulsating beat take over and let your imagination run wild. This is the ideal song to get things hot and sweaty, foreplay is the place to start and with this little piece of pop-heaven, you’re guaranteed to get your man ready to bone within seconds. Listen to the lyrics and Britney will tell you exactly what to do; it’s as easy as riding a bike; “Monogamy is the way to go / Just put your lips together and blow”.

Kylie Minogue – “Slow”

“Read my body language” indeed. This synth-led sex bop is another great song to get you and your partner in the mood. This song gives you a little bit of time to breathe before the boning really gets going. Continue on with the foreplay and let the music guide you and your partner into the bedroom, slowly undressing as you make yourselves comfortable. Maybe use this to give your partner a sexy dance to help him get in the mood? Allow each other to explore your bodies. For the ultimate experience, I would opt for the Extended Mix which is bound to get you all hot under the collar.

Beyonce – “Crazy in Love”

We’re talking about the “Fifty Shades of Grey” version here. Although, if your in the mood to power bottom you could try the original version. This sultry reinterpretation of the dancefloor classic is going to get things moving a bit quicker, it’s the ideal song to experiment and get down and dirty too, whilst still giving a sensual edge. This is on my playlist a couple of times, because it just gets me going everytime.

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Ariana Grande – “Side to Side”

Now we’re into balls to the wall, bone-ing territory. There are many Ariana Grande songs that you could use, but I always find “Side to Side” to be the one. Use the beat to get yourselves going and relax into it. it’s always best when both parties are relaxed, and things can progress naturally, the increase in tempo during the Minaj-Rap is perfect to intensify things, and any good bottom will be able to use moan those adlibs.

Josef Salvat – “in the afternoon”

This isn’t an obvious choice for many, but Salvat’s dulcet tones do many things to me. It’s the perfect post bonk comedown track. When your both depleted, it’s relaxing track which you can snuggle together and mellow in. “in the afternoon” is a bop and a half, that can spur on round two if you’re feeling that way inclined.

Obviously, these are just a selection of songs that you can use on your playlist, and there are many others. If you’re going to do this, then don’t just use a Spotify playlist that’s already been done, take some time to create your own and find stuff that you are into or your partner is into. It doesn’t have to be a marathon 10-hour playlist, 10/15 tracks that get you going is just fine, and don’t be afraid to experiment.

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Remember, the best sex is where both parties are enjoying themselves, some people don’t enjoy sex to music, but it’s a conversation worth having and maybe you could create it together.

Happy bone-ing!

About the author: Al Jennings
Somewhere north of the Watford Gap, Al was born and raised in a conservative East Yorkshire town. Having escaped to London aged 18, and overseas into the world of Holiday Tourism, Al can now be found propping up the bars of Leeds, searching for that elusive Mr. Right.