Where can I buy poppers in Bristol?
You're in luck! You can buy Poppers out and about in Bournemouth!

If you’re in the market to buy poppers or room aromas and you’re in the Bournemouth area, here’s where you can buy them from.

There are a number of LGBT shops in Bournemouth where you can purchase poppers.

Firstly, Prowler has a store based in Bournemouth. The store is linked with Simply Pleasure and is located at 333-335 Holdenhurst Road. The store has a wide variety of products, including poppers.

Secondly, Easy Tiger, a shop right in the heart of Bournemouth’s LGBT quarter (the Triangle) has a full range of bedroom bits and pieces and a full range of room aromas for you to check out.

Thirdly you can always buy poppers online. A number of shops exist that sell room aromas.

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Are poppers legal in the UK?

Where can you buy poppers in Bournemouth?

It is completely legal to consume and sell poppers in the UK. In 2017 there were fears that the Conservative government would outlaw their sale and usage, however, poppers were proven to not be a psychoactive substance and so the government made a U-turn and decided against making the liquid illegal.

If you’re wondering whether poppers are safe to use, then read our advice on them here.

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What else is LGBT+ in Bournemouth?

Bournemouth has a number of LGBT+ / gay venues including Saunas, Bars and places to get food. It also has a yearly pride event called Bourne Free which is one of the largest on the south coast.

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