For the time being things are going to look quite different in the gay sauna world

Booking time slots, having the building to yourself and temperature checks is how one gay sauna is saying how it will operate until the COVID-19 pandemic has subsided enough for life to go back to normal.

As parts of the LGBT+ economy is starting to awaken from the COVID-19 Lockdown, with the return of gay sex and lifestyle shops this week, other sectors, such as bars, clubs and saunas are still having to wait their turn to open.

So far the UK’s government have not set a date for when businesses such as saunas might be able to reopen in England. In Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, the devolved governments have ultimate say over when businesses may open. However, it is thought that businesses like sauna may be able to reopen from the 4th of July, in England.


However, despite this, the interest of gay saunas has increased week by week here on THEGAYUK, with the search for sauna openings and locations surging 152 per cent from May to June.

One sauna, the Wolf Spa in Nottingham has laid out some of its plans for operations post lockdown.

In a post on Facebook, the sauna’s management wrote, that it “may be opening on the 4th” depending on advice from the government. But when it opens it will be a very different experience, with the sauna opening only for massage, manscaping and waxing – for singles or couples from the same household.


The spa would be open for private use for visitors from the same household.

The venue advised that “Booking via the website would be essential and that no one else would be in the spa”.

Temperature checks when you enter the building

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The spa also suggested that temperature checks might take place for those entering the venue, to ensure that no one has an active fever or raised temperature.


A statement on the website states,

“We are closely monitoring the government’s statements and following their guidelines we are planning on re-opening our doors again on Saturday, 4th July 2020. That being said, when we do re-open we will only be offering Massages/Manscaping/Waxing & Body Scrubs.

“Clients who book one of our therapies will be able to use the facilities of the spa such as the steam room/sauna/jacuzzi – however apart from a member of staff they will be the only other person in the spa.

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“We will be allowing clients to use the spa facilities without booking one of our therapies but they will have to be a member of Wolf Spa.” reached out to a number of other venues for their policies ready for a possible opening on the 4th July.

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