gay saunas in the UK
Trust me you'll never look at a jacuzzi in the same way again.

It takes all sorts

You are going to meet all types of guys in a sauna. Older, younger, larger and smaller. All colours, races and creeds. There will be the out and proud and there will be the curious and closeted. We don’t judge you… Just pay your fee and go have some fun.

Straight men go there to experiment

One of the things I learned while working at one bathhouse is that not everyone who frequents them identifies as gay or even bisexual. Nope. Even straight/curious guys go there to check out the happenings. One straight guy I met even lost his anal virginity… on his first trip… proudly exclaiming that he managed it first time!

It’s clean, but not that clean

Despite the worker’s best efforts, and this may vary from sauna to sauna, cleanliness isn’t always 100 per cent. It’s pretty impossible to keep up with it tbh. Bathhouses can see a huge turnover of guys over a day and where I worked we tried every half hour to go around the building and disinfect all the cabins, the couches, the gloryholes and orgy bed, but sometimes sexual encounters are fleeting and we don’t always get to clean up right away. Where there are naked human bodies there will be germs, it’s a basic fact of life.

However, the jacuzzi should be pretty bug-free – it’s given a chlorine treatment every day – and the water is changed regularly.

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Please pay attention to those signs that say “no bum fun in the sauna” or “no sexual contact”. The heat of the water is the perfect breeding ground for microbes and other nasties!

Some guys don’t douche before they go

On that note, it’s really not uncommon for us to find dirty tissues and towels stuffed in places they really shouldn’t be. And by dirty, I mean poop. Whether they know how to douches or just choose not too, some guys leave a mess and it’s not uncommon for clients to bitch about other guys who don’t douche or leave a mess. Which is why you should…

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Really wear a condom

I’m not bareback-shaming anyone here. But as sexual encounters tend to be with people you really have no prior knowledge about, including their sexual health, (hell, lots of guys aren’t 100 per cent keyed up on their own sexual health) you should really make a point of wearing a condom – even if you are on PrEP. And please, please put it in the bins provided, afterwards. Days are not made by slipping A over T on a used condom discarded on the floor.

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