Can Big Brother Hold On To Angie, Yet Another Celebrity Is Leaving

Producers of Big Brother are in crisis because yet another house is planning to leave the house.

After the departure of a bedridden David Gest, the shock exit of Jonathan Cheban, the threat of Stephanie leaving is causing headaches for the producers of Channel 5’s flagship show Celebrity Big Brother. The programme makers are now in crisis talks as Angie Bowie, the former wife of the late David Bowie and LGBT advocate has signalled that she wants to leave.

A source close to the Big Brother camp has said that BB producers were in midnight crisis meetings after Angie Bowie demanded to leave the Big Brother compound. Angie Bowie’s threats are just the latest in a growing list of celebrities wanting to leave the house.

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In tonight’s episode David Gest is seen leaving the Big Brother house and Angie packs her bags demanding that Big Brother gets her out of the house immediately.

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