Day: 18 January 2016

  • THEATRE: Le Corsaire English National Ballet

    BALLET ‘Le Corsaire’ by English National Ballet@The London Coliseum, St.Martin’s Lane to 24th January. 5 Stars! Flesh made Furiously Fluent! ★★★★★

  • What!? You’re in an open relationship??

    What!? You’re in an open relationship??

    Call me “Mr Old Fashioned”, but am I the only one to be surprised by a number of gay relationships that are classed as in an “open” status? Is this really so common? What percentage of relationships are open? And does that figure correspond to heterosexual relationships? Am I behind the times? What Is It […]

  • Can Big Brother Hold On To Angie, Yet Another Celebrity Is Leaving

    Producers of Big Brother are in crisis because yet another house is planning to leave the house. After the departure of a bedridden David Gest, the shock exit of Jonathan Cheban, the threat of Stephanie leaving is causing headaches for the producers of Channel 5’s flagship show Celebrity Big Brother. The programme makers are now […]

  • REVIEW: Voices Of The Damned, Barbie Wilde

    REVIEW: Voices Of The Damned, Barbie Wilde

    Why does gay art – in every form – completely eclipse its’ timid, straight rival? Because – quite simply – it’s fuelled by overwhelming lust. From the lush, teeming criminality of Caravaggio’s canvases, to the pouting proportions and Apollonian aphrodisiac that is Michaelangelo’s David, gay aesthetics scream artistic arousal. ★★★★★

  • Justin Bieber Reveals His Blue Rinse In Racey Towel Only Shots

    Justin Bieber Reveals His Blue Rinse In Racey Towel Only Shots

    Justin Bieber has been spending more and more time naked. Not that we can complain of course. This time however Justin appeared in two pictures in which he was dressed nothing but a bath towel to showcase his brand new hair look- the blue rinse. We’re not convinced this was the best course of action, […]

  • David Gest Exits Big Brother

    US producer David Gest has bowed out of Celebrity Big Brother. Channel 5 has confirmed that US celebrity producer David Gest has left the house for “medical reasons”. A Channel 5 spokesperson said: “Due to medical reasons, David Gest has decided to leave the Celebrity Big Brother House. His exit will appear in tonight’s show […]

  • ISIS Fighters Throw “Gay” Man Bound By Feet and Hands To His Death

    ISIS fighters in Iraq have thrown another man they believed to be gay to his death. The man who was bound by his feet and arms was thrown from a tall building to his death in Rawa City in Iraq after being accused of being gay in the latest affront to gay people, or people […]

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