They became overnight sensations when Louis Walsh gave them a chance to shine on ITV… but it’s all gone south since.

Following on from an epic fallout last year, when the pair (Bradley Hunt and Ottavio Columbo) went their own ways and released their own singles, it seems that the duo is willing to give their X Factor band, Bratavio, one more try.

Bradley released “Side Dish” and Ottavio released “I Don’t Wanna Be Us”.

When Bradley released his song, he insisted at the time, the dis song, wasn’t about his ex-bandmate despite the song containing the lyrics, “can you stop stabbing me in the back, with that fork” and feeding a picture of Ottavio into a shredder. The relationship between the two soured with Bradley calling it “the worst fall out to date”.

Happier times. Ottavio and Bradley strip off for an impromptu photoshoot.


A breakdown in communication.

The pair will appear on tomorrow’s Jeremy Kyle show and he’ll try and sort their issues once and for all. The pair, who have come to loggerheads are hoping that Jeremy Kyle will be able to sort out their issues and help the band reform.

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Speaking to Bradley Hunt, explained why they chose Jeremy Kyle to air their grievances,

“Well it was at a point of no return but as we are used to TV it seemed right to do it in front of cameras and a professional like Jeremy and the team!

“As we have a tricky unlikely friendship and have been through the most unique of events together!

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“So an audience and Jeremy was the perfect setting to get our points across,

“This was the worst fall out to date and not petty this time. Maybe the viewers will see a different more mature side to us”.

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