CAR REVIEW | Volvo XC60 Momentum Pro

★★★★★ | Volvo XC60 Momentum Pro

What Have We Got?

Here we have Volvo’s mid-sized SUV, the XC60. By all accounts, it’s a popular car. Judging by the number of them on the road, you would be right. But is it any good? Does it cover ground better than others in its class and is the Momentum Pro worth the £42,105 asking price?  


When the XC60 arrived, I was a bit disappointed for it not being an automatic. Manuals in city driving aren’t much fun. That said, the diesel D4 engine works well with the manual box, better in many ways than the auto. It has a fluidity in its workings. Just keep an eye on the rev counter though. Unless really pushed, the engine is subdued in noise suppression.

What then helped living with the manual was the spread of low down torque of 400 Nm from 1750rpm. That sounds quite high, but I can assure you that it will pull cleanly in 4th from below 1500rpm. And then come the problems, sort of. Because of the way it works and the gearing, 5th and 6th really are very redundant gears. They were not used on my 40-mile daily commute. Only on Sunday when the roads were clearer, was I actually able to use 5th.  

The XC60 with its all-wheel-drive system is sure-footed and secure even when hustling it around. Its ride balance in “comfort” was just right. Aided no doubt by its generous 50 profile tyres giving it a good soft sidewall.    


Here is were Volvo really do exceed in excellence. Their interiors are probably the nicest places to navigate the great outdoors from. In the Momentum, you are treated to bright cream leather coverings and silver accent trim around the cabin. This isn’t the best from Volvo; they also offer wood that adds even more to the exceptional expensive feel of the cabin space.

And that’s just what the driver feels. There is room for four others to enjoy the ambience of the car. Admittedly, for what looks like a large vehicle, it doesn’t exactly translate into masses of cabin space, but you’re not left feeling squeezed. It’s just right.  


Living With It

My week with the XC60 was one full of various driving conditions. From sunny days to torrential rain at night, it carried my passengers and me in safety and comfort.

On the move, the XC60 has a calmness surrounding it. There were a couple of incidences where people pulled out in front of me, and the usual words were said. And then calmness. Remember that scene from Spaced where Brian is painting manically, and then he receives a call from Twist, and he is then unable to paint due to being calm and content? It’s like that.  

The Verdict

I could work for Volvo and sell these, day in, day out. The XC60 is a great vehicle. It’s calming, competent and exceptionally well put together which does belie the asking price. £42k is not a lot really when it comes like this and with this level of spec.

If I am to nitpick, and I have to, I’d say there are a few areas it needs to be improved on. For a start, it needs a left footrest. It’s not like there isn’t any space there for it either. You can stretch out your left leg with ease, it’d just sometimes you need a place to rest that foot that isn’t on the clutch pedal. And the stop/start button. Its razzmatazz looks a little out of place and a bit too blingy. 

And you see, I’m nitpicking and because of that, I’m giving this five stars. 


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Quiet and relaxed




Lack of footrest

Gaudy stop/start switch

Both of the above again.

The Lowdown

Car –  Volvo XC60 Momentum Pro

Price – £42,105 (as tested)

MPG – 31.5mpg (during test)

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Power – 190 bhp @ 4250

0-62mph –  8.3 seconds

Top Speed –  127 mph

Co2 – 139 (g/km)

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