The John Lewis Christmas advert is here and it’s got Elton in it

Here it is: the Elton John Lewis Christmas advert.

Here at TGUK tower, Christmas doesn’t officially start until we see the John Lewis advert. In the past, we’ve been left in a collective ball of sobbing queens. This year is no exception, but you’ll have to wait for the very last frame before the squish factor really comes in.

The story focuses on Elton John sitting at the piano, recalling his life as a mega pop star through his famous hit, “Your Song”. All throughout the years, his trusty piano has been by his side.

Of course, the advert has left many on social media divided.

Some, of course, are very cynical,



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For some it was welcomed with open arms

Some used the advert to take a swipe at the government

Anyway, enjoy and remember, THIS. HAS. NOTHING. TO. DO. WITH. THE. NEW. ELTON JOHN FILM OR TOUR….

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