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  • GARDEN | April gardening tips – It Is all kicking off

    Here we go fellow gardeners. April is the month when there’s no looking back! Ever since Andy and I began keeping bees we’ve been super aware of which plants flower at which time of year. Nature is a clever mistress and bees are provided with different flowers to feast on throughout the year. Our bees […]

  • The Top 15 Breeds Of Dog Most Likely To Run Away Revealed

    Restless retrievers are the breed of dog most likely to go walkabout, according to new research. They emerged at the top of a list of runaway pups compiled from a survey of 2,000 dog owners in Britain. The breed to land in the ‘runner-up’ spot was the Cocker Spaniel which was followed by the Jack […]

  • Six In Ten Of Us Are Embarrassed By Our Homes

    Six In Ten Of Us Are Embarrassed By Our Homes

    Six in ten Brits admit to being embarrassed about the state of their home, a study has revealed.

  • GARDEN| Bring In The Spring

    This is one of our favourite times of year in the garden – although also the most unpredictable. Bright clear days can seduce you into feeling like it’s springtime and then a sleety snow shower takes you right back into the murky depths of winter. The weather is a cruel mistress indeed! This year we’re […]

  • GARDEN| Here Is To A Colourful New Year

    January – The tinsel’s gone, the lights are back in the box and we’re all feeling a little bit fatter! There’s a real danger at this time of year to wish time away. To urge spring to burst into life and leave the cold winter behind. Don’t do it! A friend of ours, a keen […]

  • GARDEN| Gifts From The Garden

    Christmas – I love it. I love the music, the dark cold nights in the pub with friends, driving for hours to be with family, too much food, way too much drink. It also feels to me like throughout December people are nicer to each other. The Christmas spirit definitely exists – Christmas parties, funny […]

  • GARDEN | October Top Tips

    The month of ghosts and ghouls! The weather is turning and Autumn is in the air. Your garden will be changing a lot this month as the leaves begin to fall, but don’t despair! Summer may be over but now we can all look forward to chunky knitwear, bonfires and warm spiced rum (at least […]

  • MONEY: The Real Cost Of Leaving Equipment On Standby

    MONEY: The Real Cost Of Leaving Equipment On Standby

    Wondering why your energy costs keep rising and your bills are mounting, well a new report shows that households in the UK waste £227m a year on leaving appliances, like TVs on Standby.

  • GARDEN | August. Time To Reap Your Rewards

    The month of plenty. You can literally wander around your garden at this time of year filling baskets, buckets and bags with all the goodies you’ve been growing. It’s okay to be a little smug – if you’ve worked hard you’ll have loads to show for it – but remember pride comes before a fall […]

  • GARDEN | Get Hot And Sweaty In The Garden This July

    Summer’s here! So let’s enjoy an afternoon cider in a pub garden, BBQ’s on the beach, bronzed buff bodies, slow-mo beach volleyball, studs in Speedos, sun-kissed lifeguards – oh, who cares what’s happening the garden!! Sorry – not sure what happened there. The summer is well and truly here and you’ll be harvesting your crops […]

  • House prices have risen 31 PER CENT in London

    New research from comparison site has highlighted the disproportionate growth in the London housing market when compared to the rest of the UK since the last general election in May 2010. Under the Conservative-led coalition, average house prices in the capital have risen by a staggering £103,323, on average, from £331,711 in 2010, to […]