Recently I read an article about the increasing number of young men who pay for sex.

Welcome to the club. In the gay world, middle-aged and older men have had to cope with ageism being against them and the cultural desire of a younger sexier partner driving them for the wallet, cash and for convenience – credit card.

Men are not alone in this. These days there are many high flying single women who have the desire for ‘action, based on attraction for short-term satisfaction‘ but not the time for a long-term relationship and its longer-term complications and commitments.

There are probably many other married men, women, and LGBT+ people too who have considered just making it a contractual exchange based on the oldest of professions.

In the past, there have been campaigns to outlaw prostitution in all of its forms. As a society, we couldn’t do it without appearing to be hypocrites. In one way or another, we all pay for sex. Whether it is chancing your arm and buying the person who smiles at you in a bar a drink, or taking someone out on a date for a meal or a trip to the zoo. In many ways, the motivations have the same long-term objective.

If you pay for sex, you know how long the foreplay is likely to last, especially if it is ‘on the clock.’ When you try to seduce and entice, it is an entirely different matter and in many ways more costly, whether counting the hours in pursuit or the mounting cost of getting a shag.

It turns out most of us have something in common, and it is that we are ‘buy-sexual; if we want it, we have to pay for it.

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